IMG_1512Eyebrows have the ability to transform a person’s face, regardless of age❤️

My Top Three Wow Brow products💜

Tonights blog is all about the brows💃🏻

For me probably the most important Makeup I will ever own is brow products, How about everyone else?! Favourite product in your make up bags?! Feel free to let me know below.💋

And so onto the products… the above pictures are the three most recent and top three favourite brow products I have tried and tested, So carry on reading and I will give my honest reviews on each brow product and of course I will let you know my top favourite and which of the three I can now not live without😃

So coming in 3rd place is.. WUNDERBROW💋

I have been seeing hundred of posts on Facebook and instagram about this product and I decided to see what all the hype was about and try the product.

I do think £20 for this is slightly expensive as it doesn’t come with a brow angled brush which Fortunately I was able to buy a cheap enough one seperately.

I found this product very waxy on the first try and you definitely need to blend it in a bit before it dries which is very quickly, This does come with a wand which is very helpful when removing those clumps.

I can say when I put this product on it did last for days, After showering and removing my makeup my brows did stay on close enough to a week which is a fabulous pro to this product.

Overall this product is highly talked about but it does work and does last the few days it is on but Unfortunately I won’t be rushing to the shop anytime soon to buy this product again.

And in 2nd place is.. Benefit bigger and bolder brows💋

I bought this brow kit in the shade dark brown as my hair is very dark brown at the moment! I purchased mine at a local boots with a little help from the benefit girls. The kit contains the Ka-Brow pomade, a Ready Set Brow setting Gel and a highlighter. The pomade is AMAZING, and fairly easy to use, beginners may need some slight practice with this product to achieve the perfect look you want. The setting gel comes out clearand sets perfectly, your eyebrows will not move one bit with this gel😃. The highlight is also fantastic it does have a slight pink tone which is beautiful and it really does make you eyebrows stand out.

Overall this is a fantastic every day product which once used a couple of times is very easy to use, The pigmant is fantastic and you are easily able to keep adding more product till you get enough colour you want. I will be keeping this product as day to day brow product as I’m very happy with how my brows looked😎

And my TOP TOP favourite and number 1 is… the Anastasia dipbrow😍😍😍

Well well well what can I say….

Holy cow this is a godsend.
The best brow product I have ever used and witnessed before. I only bought this product a couple of days ago along with a morphe angle brush and after one use I was hooked, The product glides over my brows like you would not believe and they look absolutely flawless❤️ I was unsure if the very dark brown shade was too much for my face but I’m so happy I chose the correct shade it suits my hair and face perfectly and at a price of £15 I cannot big up this product enough. The very top pictures isn’t me with my dipbrow on ready to go dancing 💃🏻 and my brows stayed on all night and didn’t budge!!😎

LOVE LOVE LOVE Go & buy now😃

So once again thankyou to all you lovlies for reading and please do comment and let me know your favourite brow products!😊

Sabrina Xx

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