Pretty little thing💜💁🏻

Good evening readers💋,

I am loving this sunshine, hope you all are too! Make the most of it☀️

So yesterday I decided to order some new heeled boots as I’ve been seeing these black peep toe boots everywhere and it was getting me down that I didn’t have any😢, So after searching through missguided for the ones I wanted I found out they didn’t have a size 3!!! #Gutted

(I didn’t think that many people had small feet like me🤣.)

So on the hunt I went through all the ladies websites for a pair of these boots, eventually I found the most beautiful pair!!!


Bearing in mind this is the first time I’ve ordered from this website so I was a little unsure of how they would turn out.

But what was I thinking?!!! They are the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever step foot in🔥 & why did I doubt how they  would look?!!

As you can see the pictures above how could you not love them?! I tried them on straight away and just like Cinderella…


*Squeal with excitement*

They are so comfy and the knitted effect is adorable.

I can’t wait to wear my lovely new boots 💃🏻 dancing on Saturday night so… keep your eye out as I will be doing an outfit of the night (OOTN) on my blog very soon💜

Boots are £50 online💜

See you soon lovlies


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