Tarte Make-Up💖🦄


How my package arrived💖

Good afternoon readers,

Hope you have all been enjoying and making the most of the English weather!? It has been absolutely beautiful this afternoon🙂.

I have recently found a fabulous Make-Up and skincare company which is slowly taking over my life…(I am not complaining but my bank account has different ideas!) and I would love to share this fabulous brand with you all and hopefully give these amazing products as much credit as they deserve💖

🐭Animal cruelty free and all made with natural resources what more could you ask for?!☺️

So what began as one eyeshadow palette has now taken over my entire bedroom and makeup bags!!😃

Only last week.. just 5 days ago it was my payday and let’s say within an hour I had already spent £120ish worth of my money on these fabulous products, The one and only con to this spend was the tax I had to pay to post it from America to here in the U.K. Which did cost me about £16 but that is one minor detail which we won’t worry about😆. So after my huge spend on these products and my major dent in my wage packet i was very happy with my purchases and couldn’t wait for them 3-5 working days for the postman to deliver my package. 📦😯

So here is my sneaky peek into the package I have just received today, I have not tried these products yet so this blog is purely just for the packaging and the look of each product and what each product is used for, and for a future blog I will be able to give my opinion on each of the products I have tried so watch this space!😃

So let’s begin with the parcel packaging and how it all arrived through my door thanks to the lovely delivery man. As you will see from the first picture the outer package is a lovely and bright white box with plenty of kisses spotted all around, and when opened on the inside of the box the word ‘Tartlette’ is printed in a lovely purple colour surrounded again by kisses💋.  Next, The packaging which the products are wrapped in was a major hit with me as I ADORE unicorns🦄 And again as you see from the pictures what fabulous paper to open up to reveal them fabulous products!!

It’s getting extremely exciting guys… Let’s Open it already!!!😆

So the box is open!! What goodies are inside?!💖💋

First off is this fabulous lip scrub which is perfect for those with dry or chapped lips or just anyone in general who wants to hydrate their lips 👄, the picture will be attached above but as you can see already each and every one of these products are made with fantastic care and thought and amazing amount of detail, I am loving the aqua blue colour mixed with colourful swirls and topped off with gold writing!! GORGEOUS!! This lip scrub is exactly like the form of a pencil crayon with a pull off lid. As soon as i pull off this top lid this beautiful mint aroma fills the air and its to die for😍 Also another great trick this lip scrub has is that at the bottom of the chunky pencil it is a screw bottom which just like a lipstick when you start running low just screw the bottom and more amazing product will appear!🙂 Love it so much already, Cannot wait to try this one.

Next product is the fabulous Highlight and contour kit Pro Glow which is packaged in this beautiful smooth black packaging with gold writing😍 Opening both halves of the outer packaging inside is six fabulous colours including Lit, Strobe, Fire, Stunner, Shade and Sculpt. I just swatched a tiny bit of the strobe highlight on my hand and I am already excited to see how much I will glow as it looked fantastic on my hand. I can already feel this product being a ‘Must have’ in my make up bag and I am so excited to try this out.

And finally,


Name says it all really,

In this taster edition there are six products of all fantastic size, this is a great way to test the products and of course if you love them the full size versions are available. The six products include ‘Pack your bags 911 undereye resuce patches’ which I for one am very excited to try I as I unfortunately suffer from dark circles under the eye so that will be a review to watch out for!! Also within the pack is Lights Camera, Lashes which is a black mascara presented in a beautiful patterned effect. There is also an adorable Blusher in a beautiful peach colour with Tarte wrote in gold on the front lid. Next up is a beautiful deep red coloured lipstick which is packaged within again a beautiful aqua colour outing😍. The next three products include a marine boosting mist, a deep dive cleansing gel and a maracuja oil which is part of Tarte’s fabulous skincare range which I am itching to try out!! Again they are all in fabulous patterns and look absolutely fabulous!!!

Unfortunately that’s the end of my Tarte package☹️ But I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this blog I hope you have enjoyed hearing about each of these products and hopefully a few of you will try out this fabulous range for yourselves, I would love to hear any of your comments underneath and again thankyou for your time. keep watching out for Tarte cosmetics part two in the upcoming weeks💜Xx

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    1. I really hope you love it!! I’ve just started using the lip scrub will give it a week or so and will do a review for you😃 Thankyou for your comment xx


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