Welcome Welcome😃

img_0827.jpgHello and welcome💜,

My name is Sabrina,

I am 26 years of age and
I am beginning to create this blog to share my love of fashion, Makeup skincare products etc and my lovely buys with all of you. I enjoy… No let’s re-word that to ADORE.. I adore shopping regularly and especially online where I wait for my own little presents from me to me to be posted through my door!😃 (🍀 Lucky aren’t I?!)

Especially at the moment I am exploring a lot more new items of clothing which I used to think were not in with my style but how would I be confident in my own body without trying new things?!? How would I ever know what suits my body without exploring?!!

Exactly Trial and Error!!🙃

So I will be posting as many possible items of clothings and accessories (as I love accessory shopping❤️) Makeup and other products on this blog for you all to see and I will always include the relevant information such as prices and shops which they are bought from incase any of you may happen to have the same taste as me 👗.

SO I hope you all enjoy my blogs and enjoy looking at what is taking my fancy each and every week!

Every now and again there may be very random posts about random things I guess… as that’s me I am a very random girl😎 HaHa!

Finally thank-you for looking at this page,



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